Manitoba Street Rod Association 2020 Toy Run

On the September 6th long weekend the MSRA decided to hold a cruise instead of a car show because of the Covid-19 pandemic health concerns and provincial distancing regulations. Our resident photographer took individual photos of each of our cars!


This is the form we created to advertise the event. We deliberately tried not to over promote the event because of the government crowd size regulations.


The Toy Run committee created an 8 page document containing the instructions for the route and some specific questions pertaining to Manitoba (to celebrate Manitoba's 150th year in the Confederation).

The cost to enter was a new unwrapped toy or a cash donation with all the proceeds going to the Children's Rehab Foundation.

We organized the entries in single rows of cars and emphasized that they remain in their cars. We passed out registration forms along with the instructions for the route and directed each car to stop for a picture, which we will email to the participant. We released the cars in groups of 10 about 10 minutes apart.

Below is the instruction document that we passed out to each participant:










We ended up getting between 150 and 175 entries which we we considered a huge success considering the cool, cloudy weather and the health restrictions!

Jill and I were part of the Toy Run committee and Jill was in charge of obtaining and organizing the volunteers!

For those people living under a log, the answers to the trivia questions are as follows: