Rodarama 2024


In 2024 we had another successful Rodarama at the Red River Exhibition Park. The attendance was down slightly but we had more sponsors and vendors which helped the bottom line.


The volunteer parking committee members did another great job of laying out the floor spacing for 95 cars and 17 vendors (plus about 5 vendor cars)




First view from the mezzanine

Second view from the mezzanine



This is the feature car for Rodarama 2024 owned by Jerry Molaro. It was also featured on the tshirts ans mugs that each entrant received.


The proceeds from Rodarama goes toward the purchase of specialty bikes made for kids under the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation umbrella. These bikes cost upwards of $5000 depending on the child's requirement.


Friday night we had a cake made for all the volunteers. It was a very detailed and accurate representation of the feature car. We hated to cut into it!




Entered my car in the Rodarama show again this year. The paint job is now 8 years old!


I won second prize in my catagory (street rod between 1935 - 1948)!



A very nice looking plaque!


Rodarama video 1 made by Unreel Creative ""

Rodarama video 2 made by Unreel Creative.