Rodarama 2014

I entered my car in my first car show on April 25th to April 27th, 2014. I won first prize for my category ("work in progress"). It provided great encouragement for me to finish my project.


Along with the plaque, I received a bucket full of Mother's cleaning products.






Getting the car there! Of course on travel day it had to be raining. I made a huge mistake of covering the car with just my dust cover. It was not made to withstand a road trip at 80 KPH. It ended up ripping in the rear. I should of covered the car cover entirely with a tarp.



On the trip home I didn't cover the car with anything (no rain).

If I enter it in another car show, I will be driving it there!!

Special thanks to Mike Kostanski who helped me load and unload the car in the rain and to Joe Sandy and Brian Jackson who talked me into entering my car in the car show.

All in all it was a great experience. It is very encouraging to receive feedback (from my web site) as shown below. It will keep me toiling in the garage until the car is finished.


Name of sender: Guy George
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------

As a co-worker of Bob's for 35 years at Manitoba Hydro mostly in communications and electronics, I am more than amazed that Bob was able to complete such an endeavor in a completely different field. This project was obviously a personal goal for Bob, and no challenge could not be overcome  by this man on a mission. And after reading every detail on his website, their were many. One's that come to mind are: no room for a radiator mechanical fan, building the center console from scratch not once but twice, this one really demonstrates the determination, patience and motivation that you had in this project.
I attended the  Rodorama car show on April 25/14 and saw your Chevy as a work in progress. The detail and workmanship on the Chevy Fleetmaster is fabulous and meticulous. I can't wait to see the finished product with the doors, hood and a nice paint job .
Congratulations again Bob on a job well done and may you enjoy many freedom rides in the near future.">