Starting on the car

Early in 2007, I started back on the car. This time I intended to modify it into a street rod.

Moving the car

The picture on the left shows the car just before I moved it into the garage. The car would not start at this time, so I put it into gear and cycled the starter (using a 12 volt battery) to move it into the garage.



Selecting the wheels

We took a trip to Sandale Fabrication in Grande Point and discussed with Mike and Dale about how we should proceed with our car transformation. We had visited Loboys in Baldur, Manitoba previously.

The picture on the left shows the specs for the mag wheels that I chose. They are Centre Line Billet Series Mojave Mag wheels with Dunlop tires.

The front tires are P225/55R17 and the car rear tires are P255/60R17. The rear tires are bigger than I expected but not as wide as what Mike at Sandales recommended.

I got the mag wheels at cost (no tax) from a customer of Sandales who didn't use them.



In these pictures, I set the tires up against the car (not attached) to see what they would look like.


I am sure the rear end will have to be adjusted in length to get the rear wheels to fit inside the fenders. The last resort would be to purchase fiberglass fenders that are 2 inches wider and available at the Chevs-of-the-Forties store in Vancouver, state of Washington.

In the end, I purchased 2 new Centre Line mag wheels for the rear that was not as wide!




Stripping down the car

I now started to strip the car with the intention of removing the body from the chassis, cleaning and painting the chassis and cleaning and painting the underside of the car.

The motor hoist on the right (supplied by Peter Buchhold) became very handy in removing the old motor and painting the new motor.


This picture shows the motor and transmission when I took it out of the car. Since by this time I had decided to build a street rod, I sold the motor and tranny on Kijiji for $500.00 to a guy from Thompson.


This picture shows the car without it’s motor and one of the last pictures before the body was removed from the chassis.