The Power Train

I made a bulk purchase from my friend Joe Sandy that included a recently rebuilt GM305 motor, a couple of GM transmissions, and a 1969 Ford Mustang rear end.

This picture shows the condition of the items at the time of delivery.




The GM transmissions and the Mustang rear end.


Just for fun, I decided to see how well the motor would fit in the car! It is going to be tight!



The first item on my agenda was to strip the motor and paint it “Chevy Orange”.

• POR-15® (Black or Silver pending on Engine Enamel color choice)
• ENGINE ENAMEL (color of your choice)
• Paint Brushes
• Safety face mask
• Latex surgical gloves


I picked silver for the base coat and GM orange for the topcoat.

This was the first time that I used an HVLP spray gun and I found out quickly that a proper respirator is required especially for the POR-15® epoxy paint. Even with the respirator, my lungs were sore for at least 2 days after.


First coat of silver POR-15 sprayed.

Second coat of silver POR-15 sprayed.



The stripped motor with GM orange POR-15 sprayed.


The picture above shows the painted motor with new valve covers, air breather, and timing chain cover with the Chevrolet logo. I used the original intake manifold that came with the motor but I installed a new Holley 600 CFM carburetor.

The Chrome with the Chevrolet logos I purchased from “Jegs High Performance” and the carburetor I purchased from the Ebay store “WhitePerformance1” .

The picture below shows the motor with a billet Specialties V-belt system installed.

V-Trac Systems For Small Block Chevy Include:
• Polished 105 amp 1-wire alternator
• Polished billet aluminum 1pc. alternator fan & pulley
• Natural finish Edelbrock water pump
• Polished billet aluminum water pump pulley
• Polished billet aluminum bridge bracket
• Polished billet aluminum crankshaft pulley
• Polished ARP 12-point stainless steel fasteners
• Goodyear Gatorback v-belts
• Comprehensive installation manual

Kits with AC include:
• Polished Sanden SD-7 compressor
• Polished billet AC compressor clutch cover
• Patented polished billet compressor manifold

Kits with Power Steering include:
• Maval Mfg. power steering pump with AN fittings
• Polished billet aluminum power steering pulley

Passenger side of motor is shown above.

Driver's side of motor is shown above.

It wasn't until I had the motor in the car that I discovered this particular system does not allow for a mechanical fan and when the radiator was installed there was no room between the radiator and the motor for a electrical (pull type) fan. I had to end up mounting a DC push type fan on the outside of the radiator. Hopefully it will keep the motor cool!