Priming the car - 2017

I basically wasted 4 years and a lot of money trying to get a professional looking finish to my car. I spent the first 2 1/2 years trying to do the body work myself. After that the car sat for a year in a professional body man's trailer until he decided he had no time to work on it. I then had it transported to another bodyman (retired) who spent many months trying to fix my mistakes with some success. In the end, the car ended up at a professional painter and bodyman (Doug Newton) in Anola. He basically re-sanded the whole car before he considered it was good enough to paint. He also had to weld some modifications to the front splash panel to fit it all together.

The following pictures were taken at Doug's shop in Anola.

Fenders ready for primer.


Fenders after PPG VP2100 primer. Ready for sanding.







Sanded after PPG VP2100 poly primer and ready to spary the PPG VP2050 primer.


The PPG VP2050 primer on the car.



The PPG VP2050 primer on the hood and front fenders.