This document is an attempt to describe the trials and tribulations of modifying a stock 1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster to a street rod. It is by no means a document on how this should be done. I was raised on a farm and I have some mechanical abilities, but I am not in any way a mechanic. My working background (35 years) was entirely in computers and data acquisition systems for a power utility.

All the information and procedures that I used in this project I gleaned from the internet, streetrod forums, and friends. I realize that some of the techniques used may not be in agreement to everyone but the end result that I hope to achieve is a very nice looking drivable streetrod. I am not building it to "showroom" condition. I hope to be driving the end result for many years (not just storing it in a garage between car shows).

To arrive at my objective as stated above, I had to attempt many things that I had not done before. I learned how to do bodywork, apply body filler, sand, and spray primer. The topcoat I will leave to a more experienced painter. I built a car rotisserie from plans that I got off of EBAY. The main thing that I found was to not be afraid to try anything. If you make a mistake, you can always retrace your steps and try again. I tend to be overly meticulous in some of my endeavors, but it is my time and my money to waste (or not).

I have never built a web site before this one, but when I decided to proceed, I took an 8 hour web design night course at a local school, bought a domain and web hosting, got a copy of Dreamweaver, and built this site. A more comprehensive description of the software can be found under the link "miscellaneous/software" in the navigation.

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